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Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta welcomes Jack Wilshere back to Arsenal training amid a short-term deal

Mikel Arteta manager Art Arsenal opened their arms to welcome Jack Wilshere returned to the club after the players out of contract and leave the team AFC Bournemouth successfully. During the past summer by Wilshire, a 29-year-old previously played for Arsenal million to 197 shots, the team won the FA Cup two days, the team of Arsène. Wenger, who Arteta also featured alongside Wilshere during his youth, has

UEFA president

UEFA president issued a warning Prepare to bring European nations to boycott If FIFA organizes the World Cup every 2 years

Alexander Ceferin, president of UEFA has revealed that Organizing a World Cup every two years would kill football. And warned that there will be a boycott big if FIFA continues to this concept further Confederations Cup or UEFA and CONMEBOL or Connecticut Bolton’s resistance to this idea: ” We decided not to participate, as far as I know America is thinking alike. I