Brazilian officials stormed the field to arrest Argentine players. Violating COVID-19 measures After lying about travel history

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Competition 2022 World Cup South American zone qualifier between Brazil met with the team of Argentina. Suspended competition after Brazilian health officials have invaded the field to catch the Argentine players.

Brazil’s health authorities have identified four Argentine players – Emiliano Martinez , Giovanni Lo Celso , Christian Romero and Emiliano Buen Dia. They has lied about her travel history. To avoid a 14-day quarantine. Which is a violation of COVID-19 prevention measures of Brazil.

Brazil have a condition that Those have a history of traveling from the UK. Within 14 days must notify the authorities. It must have been detained as a preventive measure Claude David -19. Which reported that the four people who had and football in the Premier League. It has given the lie to the authorities immigration.

However, after the discovery of the history of the 4 people. Causing health officials to walk into the field Approximately 7 minutes after the start of the race. To pull all four of them off the field. But there are reports from the South American Football Confederation. It has made agreements with countries in the South American zone. These four players of the Argentina national team. They can enter the competition.