Happy fans, Pele opens his heart for the first time, confirming that he is still fine After almost a week in the hospital

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80-year-old legend Pele opened up on Instagram for the first time. He confirmed that the tumor had been removed from his colon last Saturday. Accomplished well And thanks to everyone for their support.

Pele, a former player of the Santos and New York Cosmos team, wrote a message via his personal Instagram. “Thank you for every message. Thank God I feel very comfortable. And thank you to Dr Fabio and Dr Miguel. who take good care of me last saturday I underwent surgery for a colon tumor. that I mentioned last week Fortunately, I’ve celebrated my victory alongside you. I will face this match with a smile on my face. optimism and happiness to be surrounded by love from family and friends”

for PeleThe owner has been reported to have been admitted to a hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for six days due to health problems. The fans are worried and worried about the former three-time World Cup winner because of the news about fainting. And Pele ‘s depression came out shortly before. Including a hip injury, Pele was unable to walk on his own for a long time as well.