Ronaldo Fever! Manchester United sell the No. 7 shirt for the first time, earning 32 million pounds, making it the fastest in the league.

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The club Manchester United can make money by selling jersey number 7. Cristiano Ronaldo Santos Aveiro has reached 32.5 million pounds within just the first 12 hours on sale only.

After United announced that Ronaldo would return to wearing the number 7 shirt for the team again. Edinson Cavani agreed to move to the number 21 shirt he used to play for. Uruguay Numerous Manchester United fans lined up at the club’s shop at Old Trafford to secure Cristiano Ronaldo’s number 7 shirt.

It has been revealed that Manchester United were able to make money from the sale of Ronaldo’s shirts up to 32.5 million pounds after the start of the sale. This is the highest record in the history of the Premier League. And Ronaldo’s number 7 shirt became the best-selling shirt of the summer in England.