Why: Richarlison, the only Brazilian national footballer who has not been banned in the Premier League

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Cliff Richard Saunders striker Everton will not miss out on the stage of the Premier League this weekend. Because the club has a good relationship with the Brazilian Football Association.

After several FAs reported to FIFA that Premier League clubs refused to send players to national teams, including Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico and Chile, FIFA banned players from all national teams. It’s been five days, but Richarlison is the only one who survived this ban.

Because Everton Club has a good relationship with the Brazilian Football Association. Never let Richard Sullivan Tucson to play for the Brazilian national team competing in the Olympic Games 2020. In Tokyo, when this summer comes. It was able to lead the team to win a gold medal around the neck as well.

However , Richarlison was not happy and agreed that he had to miss. Did not travel to serve the national team in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round South America this time because on the Premier League. Issued a statement not allowing players to return to the national team , Richarlison has also posted a picture of himself in the Brazilian national team shirt. Post it on his personal Instagram with a tag to Everton to show his stance.