Mikel Arteta welcomes Jack Wilshere back to Arsenal training amid a short-term deal

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Mikel Arteta manager Art Arsenal opened their arms to welcome Jack Wilshere returned to the club after the players out of contract and leave the team AFC Bournemouth successfully. During the past summer

by Wilshire, a 29-year-old previously played for Arsenal million to 197 shots, the team won the FA Cup two days, the team of Arsène. Wenger, who Arteta also featured alongside Wilshere during his youth, has

made Arteta delighted to welcome his former team-mate back to the club. After just training with Serie B team Comowith Dennis Weiss as a technical worker The Spanish boss has revealed that “He’s someone I know. Someone who used to be in the same dressing room as me. A lot of people love this club. And the door is always open for him.”

For Wilshere will be given the opportunity to train with the team. And it’s possible he will land a short-term deal from Arsenal, who are now bottom of the Premier League table after starting three defeats this season.