PSG hit back at La Liga president after being accused of being dangerous Only buy old players.

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It turned into a war of words between Paris Saint-Germain and La Liga president Javier Tebas, after Tebas said PSG were “enemy and dangerous” like the Super League, with Tebas having left. Come to question the way the team of PSG spends a lot of money. whether it is a sustainable team or not Including also calling PSG as a team of legends. Because grabbed players like Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi , both of whom are 34-35 years old to join the team and also announced that they will fight with PSG with some official The country is behind it as well. Most recently, the Paris Saint-Germain club has responded to Javier Tebas and

La Liga is fierce as well. 

The park is home to clubs in La Liga , it is the Spanish government for financial assistance, and the state basketball should solve the problem in a league of its own before it comes to PSG

, “over and over again as you leave. Come for a public interview to attack the French Football League. And our club, our players and the fans of the French League. while accusing us of failing to comply with financial regulatory rules. The statement that there is no “

” Now it is known that some clubs in the Spanish league and the team you are facing serious debt higher. because of mismanagement and did not mention how Spanish football clubs have also received state funding over the past decade,” said a letter from PSG ‘s secretary general, Victoriano Merelo .Who came out to respond to Javier Tebas, the

latest on Tuesday past Javier Tebas, president of La Liga. Has given an interview to attack PSG who spend more than 600 million euros a year. For the wages for the players on the team while the copyright owner is broadcasting in France Will pay to PSG no more than 70 million euros per year. It also announced that it lost 30 per cent more ads than any other European team, demonstrating the club’s unsustainability,

but PSG’s general secretary , Victoriano Merelo , has also countered that Tebas should. It’s better to try to keep Real Madrid and Barcelona clubs that are trying to separate and form the Super League instead.We were quite surprised. that you don’t care enough about that Two clubs in your league Remain committed to moving out of your league. and leaving European football clubs as well.”