Pep: Man City deserved to win last game

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed Manchester City deserved the win in the latest game with a much better on-field performance than against Chelsea. easy matter

Have to admit that Manchester City’s performance in the English Premier League. He is considered very brutal with collecting 11 wins in a row and moving up to No. 1 in the table with a leading score. 2nd place like Chelsea and 3rd place like Liverpool is reasonable, which against Chelsea is a good opportunity for Manchester City to score further, causing Pep Guardiola to organize Full send the UFABET main body to the field in its entirety

As for Chelsea, where the situation inside the team is much better. They hope to beat Manchester City to reduce the gap of points to 7 points. Which Chelsea can handle Manchester City‘s attacking game as well. Well although there are many chances. But still can’t turn into a goal before it’s Kevin De Bruyne helped Manchester City take the lead in the 70th minute. Also the winning goal. Let Manchester City collect 3 important points as well.

With Manchester City now 13 points clear of Chelsea. Pep Guardiola is pleased with the team’s performance in the latest match. It insists Manchester City deserve Victory. Pep Guardiola said Although Chelsea were named champions of the Champions League last season. We were the side that performed much better and deserved it. The victory, which we have won 12 games in a row, is a very satisfying result.