Martial ready to stay at Sevilla

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Sevilla‘s French forward Anthony Martial hopes to stay at Sevilla. After failing to push himself into the mainstay of Manchester United until he was sent off Sevilla on loan.

Previously regarded as a future player with excellent on-field performances. Anthony Martial seemed to have dropped his best form immediately after being rocked as a striker. The target although given the opportunity to start the field and the arrival of Edinson Cavani. It has reduced Anthony Martial’s chances of playing. Manchester United have drawn. Cristiano Ronaldo joined the UFABET team and Anthony Martial immediately became a full backup.

Anthony Martial is starting to look at a new club for more playing time. Before Sevilla are looking for a new striker to join the club. Before anthony Mar’s loan move. Martial came to work until the end of the season. Anthony Martial having no problem moving to Sevilla. Despite having to slash his wages a lot plus Anthony Mar. Kcial insists he wants to stay at Sevilla for many more years. If he can sign a permanent contract it would be great.

I personally get a lot less wages than before. But it’s good for Sevilla and we’ve had some discussions. Where everyone gets the most benefit from my reduction in wages even though I am. Will come to Sevilla on a temporary loan. May have to return to Manchester United after the 2021/22 season. But I do not rule out any future opportunities.