Merson urges Arsenal to let Pepe leave

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Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson has urged Arsenal to let Nicolas Pepe leave the club if the opportunity arises. As Nicolas Pepe is now a surplus. of Arsenal is completed.

A move to Arsenal for a fee of up to 68 million pounds, Nicolas Pepe faces very high expectations, but Nicolas Pepe’s performance on the field is still not satisfactory. How satisfied are you. There are news that Arsenal had been interested in Wilfried Zaha. He was doing very well with Crystal Palace, but in the end chose to bring Nicolas Pepe. Join the team at a more expensive price, but the performance on the field did not turn out as expected, while Wilfried Zaha continues to perform well as before.

And Nicolas Pepe has been heavily criticized for his disappointing performance. Becoming a surplus at Arsenal. Until the news of the transfer continues. But the problem is not there. Which team wants Nicolas Pepe to join the team. The main reason is that the price is too high. Causing Arsenal to wait for an offer that comes into consideration. They ready to release Nicolas Pepe. Pae left the team immediately. plus the latest it was Paul Merson who suggested Arsenal let Nicolas Pepe leave the UFABET  team if there was a chance.

If an offer from Nicolas Pepe comes in for Arsenal to consider in January. It should be accepted immediately and, most importantly, Nicolas Pepe should part ways with Arsenal. Football is better because his performance is not up to standard at all. Some games are better than expected but some games are not involved in attacking at all. Every manager needs players who can maintain the standard of play. continuously, not a player who has to measure his luck again on the field