UEFA president issued a warning Prepare to bring European nations to boycott If FIFA organizes the World Cup every 2 years

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Alexander Ceferin, president of UEFA has revealed that Organizing a World Cup every two years would kill football. And warned that there will be a boycott big if FIFA continues to this concept further

Confederations Cup or UEFA and CONMEBOL or Connecticut Bolton’s resistance to this idea: ” We decided not to participate, as far as I know America is thinking alike. I don’t think it will happen. It goes against the fundamentals of football,”

FIFA led by Arsene Wenger.Head of Football Development A feasibility study is underway. To take into account the organization of the World Cup every two years with the goal of having a big tournament in the summer every year. by giving the World Cup Alternating with continental football championships such as the Copa America or the Euro Football,

part of the plan is To have fewer breaks for the national team which caused the football league to have to stop the match Following a break for the national team program qualifier on March 1, and again in October for a tournament

Moreover Cephei her tenure as president of UEFA since 2016 has been revealed. For the players Having to compete in a month-long tournament every summer is like killing each other.If it’s going to break. Women’s World Cup Football and football match olympic games its value will decrease. Because every four years you look forward to it, it’s like the Olympic Games. It’s a big show We do not support that idea.”