Arsenal have overpriced players by 50 million pounds in the summer transfer window.

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Arsenal spent the most on players in the Premier League last summer. Paying £50m more than they should have been

Mikel Arteta. Trying to build a new team to bring Arsenal back to play in European football again, led by the signing of Ben White from Brighton for a fee of up to 50 million pounds, including the draw of A. Ron Dale Rams from Sheffield United or Martin Oder card and a number of other people

But to make it a more sporting director of the club. Has been heavily criticized for the strategy of trading players. After the team’s performance has started badly. with a study of the website TicketGum.comRevealed that Arsenal paid 156.8 million pounds in the transfer market this round. But the real price of these players from the valuation of the website Transfermarkt that reports that All worth a total of just 107.1 million pounds, just

Ben White performing in his first season on the Premier League is outstanding. But the Arsenal Hill paid exceeds the actual value of a player. To twice because on the website Transfermarkt claims Ben White is valued at around £28.8m only,

or Aaron Ramsdale is estimated to be worth £19.2m, but Arsenal.It was bought back for around £30m for a player relegated two years behind two clubs Sheffield United and Bournemouth,

however, it all looked worse in the eyes of Due to the performance of Arsenal this season started not very well. When in the last place of the table, losing 3 matches in a row and still not able to shoot anyone