FIFA bans Premier League players Charged for not playing for the national team for 5 days starting this weekend

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FIFA has sanctioned Premier League players for not traveling to the national team. According to FIFA day calendar With a five-day ban on the club level.

Rafinha from Leeds United. Gabriel Jesus . Ederson from Manchester City. Alisson Becker Fabinho Robert. Ono had countered feed of Liverpool. Thiago Silva from Chelsea and Fred ‘s Manchester United. While Richard Sullivan Tucson. The Everton striker was not penalized. Because the club agreed compete in The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. It have made possible to play this weekend as usual.

There is also a Mexican national team player Raul Jimenez Wolverhampton, Miguel Almiron of Newcastle’s Paraguay national team and Francisco Sierra of the Chilean national team. The Watford team. It is banned as well ufabet.

Which according to the rules of FIFA. The players will be punished ban on for 5 days. They will start counting after the national team program gives Fred. The UEFA Champions League game In the middle of next week as well.