4 ways to take care of your skin in winter

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Winter often comes with dry, flaky skin. And lack of moisture Today, Tonkit360 has a way to take care of facial skin and body skin during this winter for you. I don’t want dry and cracked skin. Let’s see what to do.

4 ways to take care of your skin in winter

1. Avoid taking hot showers.

Disadvantages of taking a hot shower in the winter will cause the skin to lose more moisture Therefore, you should avoid taking a hot shower. and take a shower with normal temperature instead But in the case that you like to take a warm bath already. Or the weather during that time is really cold and very cold And can’t avoid taking a hot shower. It is recommended that you take a warm shower for 5-10 minutes and immediately apply lotion with concentrated moisturizer. to help retain moisture of the skin after every shower

2. Facial and body care by applying a moisturizing lotion

in the winter The skin will be more sensitive than usual. Therefore, care must be taken in choosing a lotion to nourish the skin that is suitable for the skin and the weather. You should choose products that are gentle formulas. and helps the skin retain moisture for a longer time. It is recommended not to choose too many skin care products. because it can cause โปรโมชั่น ufabet skin irritation from chemicals Including even more damage to the skin as well

3. Always paint your lips with lip balm or lip balm.

In the winter when the cold wind blows. The moisture from the lips is sucked out by the air. Become a destroyer of cell elasticity As a result, the lips lack moisture. This can cause the skin around the lips to become dry and cracked. So the easiest way to take care of your lips in winter. That is to apply lip balm or lip balm. To add moisture to the lips and prevent dry and flaky lips

4. Drink enough water

Drinking enough water, at least 8 glasses a day, will help hydrate your body and skin. So how to prevent dry skin easily. is to take a sip of water little by little To avoid dehydration and to moisturize the skin. The benefits of water also help in transporting substances to different parts of the body, helping to excrete waste from the body, whether it is sweat or urine, also helping to keep the stool from being too hard. In addition, water also helps in balancing the body.