Tips!! Take care of your skin to look handsome.

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divine handsomeness It may not be the main thing that women are looking for, but it is the “look good” for their age that women appreciate the most. Because that shows love and self-care What young men need to know is that the body in each age will develop differently.
Causing different needs to be taken care of

especially about skin which is considered the first story that best reflects the internal state of the body

Tips!! Take care of your skin to look handsome.

20-25 years

From university fence to first jobber It was a pivotal time with a lot of chaos and confusion. Stress can be another cause of acne. Apart from the surging hormones It can help by paying more attention to cleaning the skin. Stop using soap to wash your face or anyone who still uses water should turn to a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Continue with toner. which helps reduce inflamed acne and further cleansing to prepare the skin to be ready for the next step of maintenance

At this age, you may face oily face problems, but young men should not stop using moisturizer. Because skincare for oily skin and combination skin will help maintain the moisture of the skin. Makes the skin not produce too much oil. For those who have dull skin, check the daily activities to see how much exposure to sunlight. Whether it’s basic things like driving, exercising, etc., you should use sunscreen. Don’t miss it. Importantly, do not save too little. Because the right time to use in the right amount is within 3 months.

26-30 years

This age is the age when the body is unable to refresh itself as quickly as before. The problem at this time is Wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, the tail of the eyes, nasolabial folds and lips, so even if they do not disappear, new lines should be slowed down. ready to adjust lifestyle Sleep a little earlier 3-4 days a week, easily add youth to yourself by taking care of the cleanliness on your face. Eyebrows, beards and hairstyles should always be trimmed. It will make it look cleaner. Increase charm by making yourself smell good. But using perfume to cover up body odor considered wrong When did you realize that you started to smell? It’s time to take a shower.

31-35 years

Even though the working life is walking steadily. but with this body back start countdown Because it’s a phase where wrinkles come in unexpectedly Therefore, in taking care of the skin, young men should try to use the scrub once a week. To stimulate the skin to shed old skin cells. Ready to adjust skin care to meet more needs, such as removing wrinkles, removing dark spots,ยูฟ่าเบท, adding moisture to the skin, etc.

During this period, the skin will start to dry out. Because the body produces less oil, therefore should drink at least 105 liters of room temperature water per day by slowly sipping, do not drink too much at a time because the body will accelerate to excrete quickly. Take care of yourself by exercising. because the metabolism will begin to slow down at this age Avoid alcohol, red meat, flour and sugar. It’s good to try to enter the detox program. to cleanse the body of impurities There are courses to choose from. It will make the body clean.