7 behaviors that are short-lived

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Doing this…it’s short-lived. The solution is to change the behaviors that will shorten life as follows ทางเข้า ufabet

7 behaviors that are short-lived

1. Stay up late because staying up late causes no anti-cancer hormones to be secreted or secreted too little. And the risk of other serious diseases such as high blood pressure, high fat and obesity because people who sleep late are often hungry and have to find something to eat. which is definitely not good for health

2. Smoking and drinking Both of these negatively affect internal and external organs. The lungs and liver work hard. aging faster and risking cancer leading to premature death

3. Extreme stress or chronic stress disorder increase the risk of cancer It also undermines life in every dimension. Both personal, family and work duties.

4. Eat something very hot, such as hot tea or hot coffee. If you are not careful, you may burn the esophageal cells until they become inflamed. and have a chance to change into cancer cells It is best to avoid very hot foods and beverages. Wait for it to be at a warm level.

5. Urinary incontinence As we already know, urine is a waste product. Staying still for a long time from holding it will cause the bladder to accumulate waste matter. result in cancer or can cause bladder inflammation

6. Addicted to salty tastes Research has shown that people who like to eat salty foods have a higher cancer rate than those who eat bland foods. Therefore, adjust your salty preferences to reduce before it’s too late.

7. Frequent and long exposure to the sun skin cancer risk Because sunlight is the radiation that stimulates cells to divide continuously. can become larger The way to prevent it is to avoid exposure to strong sunlight. If you can’t avoid it, you should apply sunscreen, spread an umbrella, or cover yourself with clothes.

I believe that no one would want to be short-lived. Therefore, if there are any of the 7 behaviors mentioned above, you should change your behavior immediately.