Ronaldo warns Messi is not a guarantee of the UEFA Champions League Champions League for PSG

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Ronaldo Narzario, former Brazilian national team legend has come out to warn the Paris Saint-Germain club. The signing of Lionel Messi has been signed to the team successfully. Not a guarantee of the UEFA Champions League. For the club in the season.

By Ronaldo, a former player of Barcelona and Real Madrid including many other clubs. There revealed that There are a number of factors involved in the club’s victory in the Champions League, and too much reliance on one player is also a risk.

“It’s too early to say who won the Champions League. I played almost five seasons with Real Madrid in the so-called Galacticos, but never won the UEFA Champions League. Champions League Victory is not math. Even if you have the best team And that means PSG too,” Ronaldo said in an interview with international media outlet AS.