Fulham 2 – 1 Arsenal: Collected after the game, the Gunners are in good form and won’t lose at the end of 2023.

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Arsenal have collected only 4 points from their last 5 games in the Premier League. Ready to end the old year with a 2-1 defeat against Fulham.

Arsenal continue their poor run of form with a 2-1 defeat to Fulham in the final game of 2023, taking them to four defeats in the Premier League this season.

Fulham 2 - 1 Arsenal: Collected after the game, the Gunners are in good form and won't lose at the end of 2023.

lost confidence

Arsenal’s recent performance has not been won before this สมัคร ufabet game, two games in a row. Looking throughout December 2023, they lost three of their seven Premier League games, reinforcing their stumble in the final month of the year. Which from not winning many games affects the “confidence” of the players in the Arsenal team. It’s very clear in this game. They went from being a team that played with determination to a young team with all-round abilities. Play football in the offensive game. Who likes possession games? and drilling in and doing it in a pleasing way Becoming a team that can control the ball.

But he started the ball incorrectly, was daring, and played with mistakes many times. The more I play, the more excited I become. And ended in panic when conceding the second goal in the game. And they came after Fulham in the opposite direction. They played the way they were. and more relaxed than in this game And those things resulted in them getting what they wanted in this game. That was a win to end the year for their fans.

Arsenal’s “passing” problems

This game is one where there is a lot of space for both teams to enter. This makes this game exciting for both sides. And of course there are both goals. But for Arsenal They had a big problem with receiving and passing the ball. Today there is a lack of precision. Part of which has to be admired by Fulham’s defense. That has discipline in the defensive game in moving to close the entry channel. and make arsenal Unable to dominate the game as desired All of which were caused by their own mistakes and allowed Fulham to control the game more and more until they scored the winning goal in this game.

Jakub Kivior still “failed” the exam.

Poland national team support line Moved to join Arsenal in January 2023 with the hope of becoming a defender that would be a good addition to the team. However, he was unable to show his form at a level that would allow him to become a regular starter. and often gets to play in cup games or a game where the main player is injured Like in this game. 

However, it was another game in which he failed to impress with his clumsy Invert Full Back style and his ability to move the ball forward and create little attacking play. Meanwhile, switching the playing area seemed to be a problem. And losing the first goal in this game, he had a part in not being able to keep up with Jimenez’s kill and making the first 45 minutes of the game It was his chance in this game before being replaced by Takehiro Tomiyasu.