Tips!! clean-shaven face wrinkle free

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This may be just a propaganda that will never actually happen due to a variety of reasons Take a look in the mirror now, and you may find many traces of the experience. blend between wrinkles that can be erased While some wrinkle will never disappear, wrinkles, the longer you leave them. The harder it is to erase, but if you don’t let the time pass There is still a chance to erase, slow down and protect in time.

Tips!! clean-shaven face wrinkle free

getting older makes wrinkles inevitable. but can also delay it for as long as possible By adjusting the mood, not stressing and using anti-wrinkle creams

Sunlight destroys the cells under the skin. Occurs from the age of 20 years. If left, the skin will become blemishes, freckles and dark spots. It is best to always use sun protection cream.

sleeping on 
one’s side sleeping on one side even prone can cause wrinkles

Should change the position to lie on your back and may use eye cream before bedtime.

Wrinkles can be caused by frowning, laughing, opening your mouth, smiling, which can be found from the age of 20. You can slow down with a facial massage, relax the muscles. Including the use of nourishing ทางเข้า ufabet cream

This wrinkle starts from the age of 30, especially around the eyelids and corners of the mouth. When getting older, it will begin to be found in the nasolabial folds. chin and jaw cannot be erased but can slow down with facial massage and anti-wrinkle cream

how to apply anti wrinkle cream
Spread the cream on top. to tighten the face will not smooth down because it will make your face wrinkled Wrinkles can occur.